The all-in-one sending platform SendGrid should've built.

The email sending solution you wished for is finally here.

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You're a complex sender
We're designed for you.

  • Our email sending platform is designed to support multi-user senders just like you.
  • Our sending infrastructure has 99.999% reliability for delivery you and your senders can count on.
  • Our analytics and insights for each subaccount can maximize email performance.
  • Our email experts have years of experience at ESPs to provide top-notch support and guidance.
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Easily create and manage subaccounts for ultimate control of your email infrastructure.
An email nerd crowd-surfing to celebrate sending great email

You need a sending platform
We built one for you.

  • Easily manage and optimize your complex environment with our comprehensive email sending solution.
  • Waste less time building tools you need that other providers don't provide.
  • Spend more time improving sender performance to lower churn and improve satisfaction.

Rule Engine

Effortless optimization

  • Prevent email delivery catastrophes with near-real-time automated reactions to unusual results.
  • Increase deliverability using custom rule sets designed by you, for your senders.
  • Improve IP pool reputation and performance without hours of manual engineering.
SocketLabs' Rule Engine helps teams avoid large-scale messaging catastrophes with automatic reactions designed to prevent reputation damage, improve delivery, and increase sender satisfaction.


Rapid visibility

  • Reduce blind spots with an at-a-glance dashboard of all your senders.
  • Customize the dashboard to get the view you need, when you need it.
  • Improve productivity with color-coded urgency scoring to prioritize your day.

Guided Insights

Precise diagnostics

  • Quickly identify problem senders with color-coded urgency scoring.
  • Find the root cause of an issue and uncover a targeted solution in five clicks or less.
  • Solve issues proactively before senders notice a decline in performance.

Let's increase sender performance and decrease churn without breaking a sweat...or the bank.

You ready?


"SocketLabs does a superlative job at the technical aspects of sending email quickly and effectively. But on top of that, they provide an extra level of responsiveness and technical service that sets them apart."